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Broadcore Broadcore
Created For:Broadcore/Nextcom - Los Angeles, CA
Industry:Technology & Telecommunications
Description: In the fast growing and technology intensive industry of Voice Over IP (VOIP) an excellent looking website is important. A fresh, techie site is what Valley Solutions delivered to Broadcore.com. Using a popular design element of random images on the homepage (visit the homepage and refresh the screen) the users that visit Broadcore.com to manage their VOIP counts see a familiar but always changing web page.

Dash Auto Movers Network Dash Auto Movers Network
Created For:Dash Auto Movers - Los Angeles, CA
Industry:Vehicle & Auto Transport Industry
Description: Dash took advantage of our auto transport web design package and had Valley Solutions, Inc. create exactly the site they were looking for. Dash Auto entered the project with a specific desired look and a specific desired feel to the site all of which was accomplished.

Dash Auto loves their new site and remains a customer with Valley Solutions, Inc. We also thankfully announce that they actively refer clients to us with their vocal appreciation of the site we've built.

Express Auto Transport Express Auto Transport
Created For:Express Auto Transport - Cincinnati, OH
Industry:Vehicle & Auto Transport Industry
Description: If you are an individual or company who does not believe professional web design is worth the cost Express Auto's website is proof that it is! We are pleased to have learned that the website we created for Express Auto Transport paid for itself in about three months! By converting more visitors into leads and more leads into sales the design of this website has single handily paid for itself.
Express' Website Re-Design Paid For Itself
In 3 Months!

Allroads Auto Transport
Created For:Allroads Transports - Missouri
Industry:Vehicle & Auto Transport Industry
Description: Using our industry specific Auto Transport Website Design Package Teena at All Roads put her company on the map with a website we feel it a top notch site. Using our homepage image refresh design element the site is new every time you visit it. The scenic images invite you to do business with a down to earth company.

All Roads reported significant increases in business with their website and especially their custom HTML outgoing quote response email.

Potty MD - Child Potty Training Solutions
Created For:PottyMD - Knoxville, TN
Description: PottyMD contacted Valley Solutions, Inc. and requested that we create them a web site and E-Commerce solutions that allows them to take their web business "to the next level". Both Valley Solutions, Inc. and PottyMD agree that the mission has been accomplished.

Valley Solutions provided PottyMD with:
  • A Custom homepage and secondary pages
  • A secure Internet shopping cart and store with seamless credit card processing at checkout.
  • Administration tools that allow:
    • Product management
    • Category and referrer tracking and management
    • Order process management
    • Comprehensive reporting including reports on revenue by product and referrer.
  • PottyMD - Potty Training Information & Solutions

    The River Church The River Church - HitTheRiver.com
    Status:Completed - Ongoing Programming
    Created For:The River Church - West Chester, Ohio
    Description: We have completed a site that we feel "creates an emotional response from the viewer." Which is what we set out to do at the beginning of this web design project. The site was completed in flash, Photo Shop, HTML and ASP. The goal is to present the church in a way that engages new visitors from the first visit to the website. We are currently developing back end applications that will allow church members to use the site to interact with other members as well as keep up to date with church events.

    Real Estate Agents Directory
    Status:Completed - Ongoing Management
    Created For:Valley Solutions, Inc.
    Description: When completed AgentsIndex.com will offer a directory of real estate agents by zip, city and state.
    Real Estate Agents Index

    Quality Relocations Quality Relocations
    Created For:Quality Relocations - Brooklyn, NY
    Description: Valley Solutions created Quality Relocations website to the clients specifications using PhotoShop, HTML and ASP. Site was created in about three weeks.

    Specialty Mobile Systems
    Created For:Specialty Mobile Systems - Mason, OH
    Description: We created Specialty Mobile System's website in three weeks using PhotoShop, HTML, ASP and Adobe Acrobat.
    Specialty Mobile Systems

    Bedwetting Alarms Bedwetting Alarms
    Created For:Potty MD - Knoxville, TN

    Auto Transport Reviews
    Created For:The Auto Transport Industry
    Need A Website?
    We have created many other sites not shown here. If you are interested in having a website created and would like to see more examples of our work please contact us.
    Wrecker.net Purchased
    - January 7, 2009
    Wrecker.net has been purchased and added to our numerous towing websites including Towing.com and RoadsideService.com. [ More ]

    Direct Express Chooses Us For SEO
    - February 6, 2008
    Direct Express Auto Transport has chosen Valley Solutions, Inc. to complete a search engine optimization campaign in the auto transport industry. [ More ]

    Roadside Service.com Purchased
    - December 19, 2007
    We are dedicated to bringing towing companies and the customers who need their services together. To make sure this happends we've added Roadside Service.com to our towing related sites. More to come.

    Towing.com (.net) Purchased
    - July 12, 2007
    Valley Solutions, Inc. has purchased Towing.com and Towing.net and is ready to position ourselves as the most important location on the Internet to find towing services and related products and services.
    - More Information
    - Towing.com

    DASH's Auto Shippers Official Site
    - May 1, 2007
    Valley Solutions has completed a new web site for DASH Auto.

    Auto Towing Sites Launched
    - January 15, 2007
    Valley Solutions, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of three new directory sites serving the auto towing industry.
    - More Information
    - Info for Towing Companies

    Vehicle Transport
    - July 7, 2006
    Vehicle Transport.com is now live and free quotes are available. Work on this an previously launched sites will continue. Future sites will include MotorcycleTransporters.com.
    - Vehicle Transport.com
    - Info For Transporters

    DASH Auto Movers
    - April. 20, 2006
    Valley Solutions has completed a new web site for DASH Auto.

    Auto Transporter
    - April 19, 2006
    We've started launching our newest multiple free auto transport quote system. The system will include sites on popular domains like AutoTransporter.com and VehicleTransport.com.
    - Auto Transporter.com
    - Info For Transporters

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